A People’s Identity in Captive – The Continuous Ruins of German Colonial Rule in Present Day on the Nso People. by Sylvie Vernyuy Njobati

Panel: Cases of Restitution 
Tuesday, 22 June, 2:15 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. (CET)


The devastating aftermath of German colonial rule remains visible in the Nso community today rooted in German’s interest to show off colonial conquest by keeping hostage the captured statue of the Ngonnso, founder of the Nso people stolen in an expedition in the early 19th century colonial times. This conversation focuses on the efforts made by the people of Nso people to request the restitution, how the Nso people are preparing to welcome Ngonnso, what the return mean to the people and the challenges faced. Despite being the victims of colonialism, the people of Nso are willing to have meaningful and participatory dialogues and actions towards possible reconciliation. However, the response of the Germans is proof that they do not want to take any responsibility or remorse for their actions, and are ‘reluctant’ to accept the hand extended by the Nso people for Dialogue and reconciliation.


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