Charlotte M. Hoes

From January 2021 to 2024 Charlotte has been working as a research assistant at the History Department of the University of Göttingen within a project funded by the German Lost Art Foundation. She completed her Master's degree in History and Philosophy of Knowledge at ETH Zurich, graduating with a global history thesis on the treatment of a museum collection of colonial objects from the South Pacific region. In addition to studying history, philosophy, cultural studies and political science, she interned at the German Historical Institute London and collaborated with Decolonize Erfurt for an exhibition on colonialism in Erfurt. She is also a member of the educational association ZürichKolonial. Her research interests include global history, the history of knowledge, gender and body history and historical human-animal studies. In the context of her research on the global networks of two animal trading companies in Lower Saxony, she was an associate member of the PAESE joint project.



Dekoloniale Aufarbeitung nötig. Die Erfurter „Südseesammlung“, in: Decolonize Erfurt: Kolonialismus in Erfurt. 1503 bis heute, Erfurt 2019. (Online auf:

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