Elfriede Hermann

Elfriede Hermann has been Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region (Asia-Pacific) at the University of Göttingen since 2012. She received her PhD from the University of Tübingen on the interactions between emotions and historicity in the context of a social movement in Papua New Guinea (1995) and later habilitated with a thesis on constitutions of self and ethnicity among resettled Banabans in multicultural Fiji and Kiribati (2007).

Her research interests include migration and ethnicity, ethnopsychology (emotions, self-concepts, identifications), transculturation and transformation, ethnology and climate change, specialization in the Pacific region, 'Melanesia' and 'Micronesia', historicity, social movements, and the field of gender studies.


Prof. Dr. Elfiede Hermann (Georg-August-University Göttingen, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Academic Adviser: Collecting and Teaching